The Secular Hub has a new home!

The Secular Hub is no longer homeless! After being without a home since December 31, 2020, we have purchased a building for our new home.

Now for the downside of ownership.  Fixing up a building that was built in 1955 and had not been occupied for over 3 years.

So we swept out the cobwebs and dusted and cleaned.  Then we needed some polish, so we removed some old carpet and flooring, and installed some new.

Some people took on a job that they thought was simple, but turned out to be very difficult!  So with the help of many volunteers from our community, we are giving new life to this old building.  Some people are installing flooring, fixing stairs,  unpacking boxes, fixing toilets and sinks.

A crew came in for several days to prep and paint the lower level.  We even put some of our younger members to work.

We promise we did not work them too hard and we even fed them!  We still have a lot of work to do before we have a grand opening sometime this fall.

As with all ownership, we now have expenses to renovate and maintain our new home.  We need a new furnace/air conditioner or two before long.  Please help us with a donation to our building fund.

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