Humanism at the Hub, hybrid - Genocide with Jerry Gilbert

When: Sat, Sep 24, 2022 at 4:00pm


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Genocide - Presented by Jerry Gilbert. Slideshow by Tom Kellogg.

As human beings we boast about our having emerged from a life governed by the law of the jungle. We point with pride to our civilized lives which we consider evidence of our moral superiority over other life forms. We can cite many examples of how we demonstrate daily acts of compassion, altruism, and sacrifice for the good of others. We have established programs for the care of people who are unable to care for themselves. We have created medical facilities for the care of many kinds of animals. We even claim to be specially created & guided to assume dominion over all other & lesser life forms. And yet it is undeniable that we are capable of committing genocides against our own species.

Some people have claimed that our routine slaughtering of animals, as an organized way of providing a source of food, is an example of genocide.

This is not to say that we are the only species that commits genocide. Such a phenomenon has been documented among other life forms. The point is that our claim of moral superiority is hypocrisy. We, above all other species, have the cognitive tools with which to demonstrate a more benevolent way of treating each other and those of other species, and yet we have failed miserably many times.

We cannot claim to simply be products of evolution and bound by our roots to be animalistic. We have demonstrated that we are capable of rising above such heritage. So, how do we account for our genocidal behavior? Let’s examine the facts and see if we can understand this dark side of our nature.

Tom will start the show with the Humanist Moment.

**Humanism at the Hub is a regular hybrid event, live in-person at the Hub AND online with Zoom, your choice**, every 4th Saturday at 4:00 pm. Come to the Hub to see the show live and Zoomers on the big screen, with discussions and appetizers. Feel free to BYOB or an appetizer to share. OR get on Zoom at home and mingle with the audience to see the program and join the discussions.

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The Hub and Humanists of Colorado Chapters of the American Humanist Association are very pleased to offer a regular explorations series on the 4th Saturdays, 4:00 to 6:00 pm., inspired by the Jefferson Humanists. Each session will be slightly different and include several segments to showcase aspects of Humanism through a presentation, videos, movies, forums, and explorations, followed by discussions. We will include time for participants to socialize and get acquainted, in keeping with the chapters goals of building community.

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