Hub Cleaning Party

When: Sat, Dec 3, 2022 at 2:00pm

Secular Hub
254 Knox Ct.
Denver, co, 80219

We all do a pretty good job of keeping the Hub tidy, but every few months we need to recruit volunteers to come and help us give it a good scrubbing. We will need people who can come vacuum, mop, clean the fridge and oven, clean the bathrooms, wipe down surfaces, de-clutter, take home tablecloths to launder them, etc. Bring yourselves and any favorite cleaning supplies you may have (although the Hub has plenty of cleaning supplies as well). We can listen to music, get our clean on, and then if anyone wants to go out for dinner or hit a happy hour afterwards we can do that as well. RSVP if you can make it! Hope to see you there.

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