Post Darwin Day Coincidental Hike Feb 17

When: Sat, Feb 17, 2024 at 10:15am

Dinosaur Ridge Main Visitor Center
16831 W Alameda Pkwy
Morrison, CO, 80465

Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, postulated in 1859, with subsequent discoveries

Since the last time our group walked Dinosaur Ridge, a few more dinosaur tracks have been revealed. So let us enjoy those discoveries. Or simply have a nice walk on a winter day. This walk would be about a mile out and have around 300 to 400 feet of elevation gain roundtrip. The dinosaur tracks seen along the way are worth it.

Perhaps to keenly note about Darwin's Theory, two subsequent scientific discoveries add to his idea. Keenly first is the discovery of DNA and chromosomes. This happened in the 1950's and explained how genes works. The other is leariing that our Planet Earth is around 4.5 billion year old. As such, Darwin's thoughts about gradual selection change bringing about new species has had much time. Discovery about radioactivity as the very old age explanation dates to the late 1890's.

Even more amazing about an old Earth is discovery of plate tectonics, a theory postulated in the 1920's and finally obtaining general acceptance by the 1970;s. This walk allows a person to see prior plate tectonic action in the Dakota Hogback geography. At the hairpin viewpoint, admire the majestic Fountain Formation that stands as Creation Rock and Shiprock in Red Rocks Park. Below these features is ancestral Rocky Mountain bedrock. While the present Mount Vernon Creek washes away softer sediments between the Dakota Hogback and the park, you can see that the Fountain Formation rests near a similar angle with Dakota Ridge.

Give awe realizing that for a couple hundred million years, sediments accumulated in a horizontal layer, a sea shore along ancient the very old Rocky Mountains. Tilting developed about 65 million years ago. Ripple marked sandstone stands at an angle along the road. Plate tectonic action left this indicator. And wonder about the dinosaurs that once walked along these shores a very long time ago. Many, many tracks can be seen.

While some may think these later discoveries are nice coincidence, let us give thanks to biologists, geologists, physicists, astronomers, chemists, botanists, zoologists, and other sub-science disciplines that would have made Charles Darwin amazed. These science people provide us a much more interesting view of the natural world.

This walk would be about 2 miles total, suitable for all kids young and old that have a curiosity for Nature. Our path would mostly be along the asphalt road which is now closed to general motor vehicle use. Dogs with owners on a leash are allowed. (Please remember poop bags.) To join the walk, meet at the visitor center starting about 10:00. Parking is available in the lot or in designated sections along the outside road. Walking will begin at 10:15 AM.

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