About The Secular Hub

What is the Secular Hub?

GuideStar Seal of Transparency Since February 2013, the Secular Hub has provided a non-profit community center for the secular community. At its core, the Hub is two things:

  1. A physical meeting space for secular groups in the community.
  2. An organization that sponsors activities focused on building a secular community, advancing reason, critical thinking, and giving back through education and altruism.

The idea of a “secular community” may seem foreign to some. No single doctrine unites our varied members and partners, yet we share a lot in common. The Secular Hub exists to help explore both those commonalities and our differences… to create an environment in which you can feel welcome and find support… to build, strengthen, and empower our diverse community to accomplish more together than we can alone. The Hub is just the tool. You are the builder.

Where are you located?

Picture building front

We are located at:
254 N. Knox Ct.
Denver, CO 80219

We moved from our location at 3100 Downing St. (opened in February 2013, closed December 31, 2020) to our new location at 254 N. Knox Ct on June 21, 2021. We are open for events only, so check our calendar for upcoming events. We own the new location, so help us renovate and maintain the building by donating to our Building Fund.
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What is the Secular Hub's mailing address?

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 2519
Denver, CO 80201